SmartForms CMS1500Mobile

The solution to creating CMS-1500 Claim Forms on the go!

SmartForms CMS1500Mobile is for those who manage a busy schedule and want their CMS-1500 Claims processed immediately. Login with any device, at any time and any place to document patient diagnosis and procedures. CMS-1500 claims are generated with only a few clicks. HIPAA compliant security included in the SmartForms CMS1500Mobile. This essential clinical tool is ideal for Mobile Medical Practices, Home Health Agencies, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Psychologists, Field Social Workers and anyone who wants to maintain control of their CMS-1500 claims. Medical Billing Services and all SmartForms CMS1500Mobile users will increase the speed of claim processing and payments. Maximize your efficiency and maximize your patient collections with SmartForms CMS1500Mobile.

How It Works

Easy to Use

This application can be a stand-alone with a computer or paired with a mobile device to generate CMS-1500 claims. Using your mobile device, you select your patient from the patient list, select the diagnosis code and procedure and enter time or use the embedded clock. This information is saved and generates a completed CMS-1500 form ready for submission. The office computer links with the online CMS-1500Mobile and shows the Patients, Claims and Processing status on one page. When the mobile device generates a claim, the claim is found in the Patient List and the Claim List, ready to be submitted. New claims for existing patients can be generated with two clicks using the function – make a similar claim.

Supported Devices

Access SmartForms CMS1500Mobile via any Internet-enabled PC, Mac, most Smartphones, the iPhone and the iPad

Electronic Submission

SmartForms CMS1500Mobile will automatically batch your completed claims for electronic submission. Batched files will work with any clearinghouse. Ask us about our preferred clearinghouses. SmartForms also offers an 837 format used by government entities for direct submission of Medicaid claims.

Print Options

SmartForms CMS1500Mobile will print the complete CMS1500 form and claim content on plain paper or it can be printed on a red pre-printed Medicare form. Our simple custom alignment feature will guarantee a perfect fit on pre-printed forms. Additionally, you can print an entire batch of claims with two clicks.

Safety & Security

All records are stored on a HIPAA compliant secure site. All claims are automatically saved using a local backup on your computer.

Free Live Support

We provide live US based support from the developers for as long as you are an active user. Let our competent staff help you with any issues you may have. Free technical support for SmartForms CMS1500Mobile is a toll free call away, 866-681-1887.

Free Trial

Start generating CMS1500 claims with SmartForms CMS1500Mobile now. Complete the quick sign-up and after a few minutes trying out the system you will see the proof of how easy it is to prepare claims. A step by step tutorial included. Your first thirty claims are included in the free trial.

Pay As You Go – Start Using Now

Easy enrollment and easy on the wallet fees are part of the CMS1500Mobile solution. A flat $20/month allows unlimited claims. Enroll now and start using the CMS1500Mobile immediately.

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